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Love In a Cloud

Certainly there was love in abundance and it was more than anything that is considered invaluable. It is something which cannot be weighed or seen, it can only be felt and reflected upon as the breezy wind or the breathing process of a human which can be carried or caressed in heart with soberness as well as happiness, but still we can cherish it in spite of its effect upon us as the days moves on…well I have to start it someway or the other


A Comedy in Filigree

Recently I had the opportunity to be occupied with this novel “Love in a cloud ” written by Arlo Bates in 1900.

The story is set upon Boston and the parts of New England with variant characters from all shades of the society. The key character in this novel is the the book itself “Love in a cloud”

Someone write’s a novel named “Love in a cloud” with a pseudo name Christopher Calamus which is based upon the real happenings in and around the country side. A wealthy maid happens to fall in love with novel and the author of the novel without even knowing, who he is ?

She starts to write letters to the author under a pseudo name(again),the author also replies to her letters with mutual feelings. As the drama unfolds real people get entangled with the situation mentioned in the novel. Rest is a comedy of errors which keeps the lovers apart while the others play mischief in the process until both of them find their true identity and they fall in love one more time and lived happily ever after.

The End!

Note: while reading you don’t quite feel this novel about a romantic comedy is written during the year 1900 but it still brings the flavour from the past and the approaching modern times with a simple message that the society always endorses true love and relationship matters more than anything.

6 Steps to Make Veg Momo


Well months back I’ve spent my holiday at the cloudy Hill station near my city called KodaiKanal which is a beautiful mountain place in the far Southern India.Since i’ve been there quite a lot of time but this turned out to be a special one with my first visit to a Tibetan Restaurant near the lake.They had many tasty cuisines there,but the one thing that interested me is their Veg Momo’s and then month’s after, I learned to cook the dish and I wanted to share it here with you…

Required Ingredient 

  1. Flour/Maida-2 cups
  2. Carrot – 2
  3. Cabbage – 3 slices
  4. Onion Big-2
  5. Green Chilli-2
  6. Garlic- 3 pieces
  7. Spring onion-3
  8. Red-chillipowder(3tsp)
  9. Cooking oil(6-7 sp)
  10. asafoetida(2 pinch)
  11. Salt(Required)
  12. Pepper(Required)

Cooking method :

Step 1:
Add the Flour in a bowl with little bit water,Salt and oil,mix it together
until it becomes a dough nice and soft.Keep it aside


Step 2:
Add little bit of oil and heat it in a frying pan with cut pieces of onion
until it turns brownish in colour with green chilli

Step 3:
after that add cut pieces of carrot and cabbage,fry it a little while
and add 2 small pieces of garlic, 2 pinch of asafoetida, and red chilli


and then add cut pieces of spring onion and add Pepper & salt in the
veggies as required.


Step 4:

Now Take the dough,press it with a roller and make it as thin as
possible and make circles out of them (you can use an round object
against it or make the dough as a smaller ball and then press it)


Step 5:
Now stuff and fill the veggies mix in dough circle and make it as a
dumpling (you can make the dough in bean shape or like a garlic shape as
you wish)


Step 6:
Now take the veggies filled dumplings and put it in a cooker or a boiling
vessel,cook it for 5 to 7 minutes !


Note: Momo’s are Hot and ready to be served with any kind of sauce or Side dish !

Image Courtesy : Google Images

My Friend The Murderer


Well I don’t have any friends doing time or facing murder charges !
I recently stumbled upon this short story authored by Arthur Conan Doyle. “My Friend The Murderer”

The story revolves around Australia and an doctor serving there in a penitentiary !

It’s not the usual Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson story-line but though the story contains the regular plots of A C Doyle.

With limited recreation or any leisure activity in Perth, The Doctor had to stick to his daily routine of checking and treating prison inmates until when he meets prisoner number 43, who turns out to be the Queen’s evidence in the Bluemansdyke murders . Induced by the warder the doctor meets #43 Wolf Tone Maloney the notorious criminal who unravels the mystery behind ending up in prison despite being an Queen’s evidence . He’s tracked, man handled where ever he goes, even across Europe.

Maloney gave a wild cry of triumph, which brought the blood welling out from between his lips. “Here, boys,” he gasped to the little group around him. “There’s money in my inside pocket. Damn the expense! Drinks round. There’s nothing mean about me. I’d drink with you, but I’m going. Give the Doc. my share, for he’s as good——” Here his head fell back with a thud, his eye glazed, and the soul of Wolf Tone Maloney, forger, convict, ranger, murderer, and Government peach, drifted away into the Great Unknown.


My recent bedtime story book was Alcatraz written by Max Brand an American author from the late 1920’s. Who was famous for his works about wild west.

The story tells about the wild stallion and its quest for freedom from the wild west to the real wilderness where it belongs.

The author presents the novel with the lifestyle in the wild west and its real deal of hard personalities that you might wonder ,your really watching a cowpuncher taking a dig at your urban lifestyle.The story moves on like a wild gallop in a hot desert with its range of thorns and bushes.

The novel revolves around the stallion Alcatraz and its estranged enemy – the social animal of the country side – Men with gun.Though it starts a little slow but picks up speed as the ride fastens like a downhill stream.


It brings the old style of writing from the 19th century and captures the wild west like a whirling bullet with a sensible storyline. Yep its a happy ending story with the Hero and the Heroine !

“A lone trail is right enough for a while, old boy, But in the end we need partners, a man and a woman and a horse and a man.”  – Red Jim


Stop worrying a…

Stop worrying about something that you don’t know about !


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