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Today the world is fast turning into a technologically abundant place ,the urge for reducing time-frames and man s over-dependence on inventions have radicalized and changed the living culture of everyone s life in the last half century towards development and for better living conditions. In a lighter vein you can separate a  human being from another one but you can’t separate a human being from technology ,an invention of the future, a device for daily use ,a medium for expressing one ‘s will and wish. Scientific advancements and research works have given this wonderful boon to today s Humankind(Einstein might not be happy with weapons culture this world has embraced after WWII).Long ago when cave women and men existed in this world nature and its resources were subjected to their submission as their tool for power and for survival in their primitive environment(Though not polluted).They wielded everything that nature can offer to them from fire to weapons matching the order of that period and that day. Similarly today everyone is armed with technology in their day to day life until their days of life in this planet. Whether they wield it as a weapon or tool for development solely depends on their souls ! 


Before I go there , Women and Men are equal irrespective of their gender difference ,there s no scientific evidence claiming one gender is inferior to the other or vice versa (even if there s one I don’t give a damn),the point is that this society has stooped to such level that female gender is exploited at every medium of this Society whether She is powerful or powerless they are given the same impure treatment at the behest that it’s an accepted part and parcel of the Society they live. This country has a N number of  Female Goddess across various religion without any life(I am an atheist) which they respect and worship but on the other hand they fail to respect or worship the living Goddess who gave birth to them ,one who ruins her life for them and the one who sacrifices her dreams and passion for this cruel Society! Why do I say this,coz I feel it is my duty to inform you or highlight this misery we have brought upon an fellow human being inside a social structure such as One that we live !











If you think a 3 hour commercial movie is influencing you negatively, I pray for your speedy recovery from this Maya ! No wonder they called the television set as an Idiot Box for no reason. Gone are days you can actually relate the programs and broadcast ed contents of a channel ,reason being they kept it simple and appealed for a cause (something not nefarious).Today they roll on like a dice in a Casino ,moving towards only money and profit margins caring less towards audience concerns and sometimes trapping them inside their greedy box. The order of the day for entertainment is Soap opera s and Reality Shows with extra creative directors. Lot of screenplay s revolve around evil men and women plotting evil things against the protagonists of the show, this may involve social violence against women(no caution notes regarding violence) ,drinking male characters with harmful effects of Drugs note all over their chest and waistline(whichever is permissible even after exposing the whole drug act),which then moves on to portray illicit relationships with championing theme and sometimes justifying their actions, with background music blaring with high pitched tone s and high decibel levels (emphasizing threats) will beat even digital Dolby effects on theatres all the above is given at your home in your personal space with much hype and fanfare in less than an hour every single day ,every week right at you ,at your family and kids, but you remain the same naive spectator to all this ,because it brings a whole lot of that crap packaged as family friendly entertainers (you might be watchful for bloody violence or adult contents)you miss the game when they bring you a story like the above which does not involve the commonly loathed subjects rather it circumvents your thought process to a whole new level.(what was that movie again? forget that!)


Reality Shows:



Nach Baliye


Nothing significant here, it’s like you put all the show off s in the town under one big roof, they range from Dance shows ,Quiz shows, Talk shows ,Cooking Shows and some adventure .The grammar for Dance shows goes like ,ruin a good movie song or even a bad movie(even worst)song to unimaginable choreography right under the guidance of top choreographers from the Silver screen, too shiny you think ,no they run the show with their own dance school students and even produce their own shows ,at some point the these dancers are made to beg for your support ,please vote for us ! (more pleasing than our avg politicos) nah they are just asking you to fill the coffers of their sponsors so that they can run their show via Sms by Vote bank politics, same with Singing maestro s they will be praised and diced just for your cause, they pour them all the classical notes and Ragas s which is not your cup of tea(that when they strike you harder for more reality)for non classical songs ! in the end they overdo everything with  some nice flashy theme .




I will give you a one liner for the rest of the shows…. 
§  Quiz Shows = you Actually have to give bribe s to get your prize money


§  Talk Shows = The moderator of the debate is the sole participant and who cares about your opinions
§  Cooking Shows= For Every recipe they make ,if you want to make one ,you had to buy groceries from Europe or North America(no problem)


§  Adventure Shows = Well what you know, they give dubbing to shows from your own language sometimes with subtitle s






Breaking News :  Get Flashy and Trashy





Talking Point
After all that we move on to the next obstacle , the NEWS segment , the real #Paid -Media , (no not your cable bills or DTH bills ) this is free(Then why do you blabber “Paid Media”) but someone pay s over the counter for your service, only for your service ! this involves no external manipulation ! So what do they do ? Let me explain you with some shoddy example s (they might be real coz they’re Paid)
Say If a Tango state is ruled by an Alpha Party and you have Some D disease affects that people and even lot of them dies ,that when (This looks like a job for PM, Nah Paid Media !)these righteous printing freedom guys(NEWS Channels) jump in, they lobby with the Tango state and at the end of the day you get headlines like Ishant Sharma is dropped out of team (feeders and headers of the NEWS) Tickers have separate rate, WOW ,you can have seasonal offers on current affairs ,scams , media rampage on a political party or even malign a guys name and make him retire from International Cricket ! This is democracy ,you have to be secular even in doing business and its purely legal unless they end up in jail (ZZZZ) extorting money from corporate companies! Even though they don’t have any right to probe any legal mediums they do it in the name investigative journalism and add controversy to trivial issues! They cover Military operations against terrorists in live telecast and even when a Women s modesty is questioned they tend to record it all in the name of freedom of press and for the public scrutiny(as if they subscribed for that).Paid Media has no limits or anything called ethical journalism, they stand for their TRP Ratings and fight for the same with repeated telecast of the same subject of News among various NEWS Channel at the same time ,as if the entire country has nothing to report except for that !Every News Channel in the National medium is either owned by politicos or get Kickbacks from Big shots of the corporate world or the political world(What’s the difference, They are all Paid Media).They have some ironical Showstoppers like
(Name of their Programs)…..                                       


  • The Buck Stops Here (Where Else then? in your Coffers) 
  • Devil’s Advocate (Yep no doubts about that either)
  •  Left,Right,Centre (We support all political parties while they bundle in Kickbacks)


It Doesn’t even give you a pleasant view either, when you go for a channel in your TV it looks as if you ended up in some Spamming website  with ad pop ups, Nothing like any NEWS Channels ,for that you definitely need a time machine , if you aint got one ,then Believe it or not You’re in BREAKING NEWS world where you get NEWS for more than what you paid and it aint worth it ! 
§  End of Part 1 Media Machismo

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