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6 Steps to Make Veg Momo


Well months back I’ve spent my holiday at the cloudy Hill station near my city called KodaiKanal which is a beautiful mountain place in the far Southern India.Since i’ve been there quite a lot of time but this turned out to be a special one with my first visit to a Tibetan Restaurant near the lake.They had many tasty cuisines there,but the one thing that interested me is their Veg Momo’s and then month’s after, I learned to cook the dish and I wanted to share it here with you…

Required Ingredient 

  1. Flour/Maida-2 cups
  2. Carrot – 2
  3. Cabbage – 3 slices
  4. Onion Big-2
  5. Green Chilli-2
  6. Garlic- 3 pieces
  7. Spring onion-3
  8. Red-chillipowder(3tsp)
  9. Cooking oil(6-7 sp)
  10. asafoetida(2 pinch)
  11. Salt(Required)
  12. Pepper(Required)

Cooking method :

Step 1:
Add the Flour in a bowl with little bit water,Salt and oil,mix it together
until it becomes a dough nice and soft.Keep it aside


Step 2:
Add little bit of oil and heat it in a frying pan with cut pieces of onion
until it turns brownish in colour with green chilli

Step 3:
after that add cut pieces of carrot and cabbage,fry it a little while
and add 2 small pieces of garlic, 2 pinch of asafoetida, and red chilli


and then add cut pieces of spring onion and add Pepper & salt in the
veggies as required.


Step 4:

Now Take the dough,press it with a roller and make it as thin as
possible and make circles out of them (you can use an round object
against it or make the dough as a smaller ball and then press it)


Step 5:
Now stuff and fill the veggies mix in dough circle and make it as a
dumpling (you can make the dough in bean shape or like a garlic shape as
you wish)


Step 6:
Now take the veggies filled dumplings and put it in a cooker or a boiling
vessel,cook it for 5 to 7 minutes !


Note: Momo’s are Hot and ready to be served with any kind of sauce or Side dish !

Image Courtesy : Google Images

7 Steps to make Sweet Corn Aaloo Tikki


Required Ingredients :

  1. Potato-2 (Big Size)
  2. Sweet Corn (1 cup)
  3. Red-chilli-powder(3 tsp)
  4. Cooking oil(6-7 sp)
  5. asafoetida(2 pinch)
  6. Turmeric powder (1 tsp)
  7. Salt(accord.requirement)
  8. Cooking oil (As required)

Cooking method :

Step 1

Peel the Potato skin and rinse them nicely in water and clean them well.
After that Boil the potato with adequate water in a bowl.

Step 2

When the potato is boiled well and good,mash the potato with your
hand or using a spoon until it is completely mashed.


Step 3

Take the mashed potato in a bowl (yeah the same bowl)and add 3
teaspoon of Red chilli powder,Salt as required by you,a pinch of
Asafoetida and little turmeric powder.


Step 4

Mix the added ingredients with mashed potato nice and good until the
mashed potato completely picks up the colour of the Red-Chillipowder
and the smell of asofoetida.Now add the Sweet corns with mixed
ingredient and mix the mashed potato again until the corns sticks with
the potato.


Step 5

Now take the mashed-mixed potato content and shape it like a cookie
or anything that suits you with your hand and pat it, flatten it nicely
(Make as many that you might require )Please do it with smaller amount
of mashed potato as bigger they are,they might break up into pieces
and chunks (well if your okay with that, no problem)


Step 6
(Heat up the vessel with cooking Oil)
Now Take the round cookie shaped Tikkies(Mashed potato mix)
and place it in a vessel with considerable cooking oil to fry the Tikkis
(possibly Tikkies should be swimming in the vessel full of hot cooking


Step 7
Now the tikkis should be fried until it turns golden brownish in colour Image

Sweet Corn Aaloo Tikki is ready to serve !

Note: you can use raw onion and mint leaves for garnishing

Images Courtesy : Google Images

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